Investment and Saving Advice

Investment and saving Advice

Our financial advisers are here to help you make the right investment decisions to meet your objectives. Many investors are happy using our Great Value Discretionary Fund Management option to manage their investments. When an important decision needs to be made, or when planning becomes complex, we are on hand with our professional, helpful advisers.

Advice is usually invaluable as it saves time, effort and gives you peace of mind. A financial adviser can make personal recommendations based on your circumstances and financial goals by updating your investments and restructuring your portfolio.
How we can help with your Investment and saving goals?

• Full management of your investments
• Lump sum investment
• Regular Saving plans
• Reorganising and streamlining you portfolio
• Numerous and complicated pension plans
• Planning and investing for retirement
• Calculating your retirement income and potential
• Estate planning

What we do?
• We’ll explain things simply in normal language; from helping you choose from a range of products to preparing you for possible life changes
• We’ll work with you to set your medium to long-term financial goals
• Regular review of your finances at intervals of your choice, keeping your investment and you on track
If you are facing any of the above issues, or indeed something else where you think financial advice could add value, our professional advisers can help you make the best investment decisions. We will only advise if we genuinely believe it will be of value to you.
What does it cost?
Typically advice won’t cost more than 1% ( currently not subject to VAT) of the portfolio under consideration. When markets can move by more than 1% in a single day, many investors find this is a small price to pay for peace of mind.
Free initial consultation
Some people are unsure if they could benefit from one-to-one advice. We offer a free initial consultation, giving you time to discuss your investment needs to see if our service is right for you.

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The Value of your Investments can go down as well as up, and past performance is no guarantee of future returns 

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